Policies of use and privacy

Policies of use and privacy.

General conditions for the Rentokea portal usage


From now on, for all purposes of this Usage and Privacy Policy, the words indicated below will have the following meaning:

Public Portal: Website available on the Internet to deliver information and services to its clients, suppliers, collaborators, inspectors and the general public.

Private Portal:

  • Access area restricted to Rentokea’s customers, suppliers and counterparties, where each of them accesses personal information and their contractual relationship with Rentokea.
  • Access area restricted to Rentokea’s customers, suppliers and counterparties, where each of them can carry out the electronic transactions for which they are enabled.

User: Natural or legal person who visits the Public Portal or accesses the Private Portal of Rentokea.

Hyperlinks: URL addresses or “Localizador de Recursos Uniforme”, in Spanish, within the Rentokea site whose function, by text means, images or videos, is a direct and quick access to other sites within the Rentokea Public Portal or Private Portal or to Web sites of third parties.

Personal data (Law 19.628): They are those related to any information concerning natural persons, identified or identifiable.

Sensitive data (Law 19.628): Are those personal data that refer to the physical or moral characteristics of people or facts or circumstances of their private life or intimacy, such as personal habits, racial origin, ideologies and political opinions, religious beliefs or convictions, physical or mental health conditions and sexual life.

Access and functionalities Public Portal

Through the Public Portal, Rentokea allows anyone to access and find out about the content that has been made available on its pages, together with the possibility of using the services and functionalities offered therein.

Access and functionalities Private Portal

Clients, suppliers and counterparties of Rentokea who have access credentials to any of the private portals available, may access the services and information corresponding to the contractual relationship they maintain and carry out transactions in accordance with what the portal allows. Due to this condition, in the case of Rentokea clients, the services offered by the respective Private Portal are under the particular conditions established in the contracts entered between the client and Rentokea, which in turn are complemented by this Usage and Privacy Policy, in everything that is not contradictory with what is expressed in them.

When using, accessing or attempting to access any of the private portals, Rentokea’s clients, suppliers and counterparties certify that the person performing the action is legally authorized to use the access credentials. Unauthorized entry or attempted entry to a private portal is strictly prohibited and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
Even if you are no longer a Rentokea customer, supplier or counterparty, this Privacy and Usage Policy will continue to apply.

Content of the Portal and Product Offer

The content exposed in the public and private portals of Rentokea should not be considered as legal, financial or tax advice, being the responsibility of the users to provide the advice they deem appropriate for making their decisions.

Any information or calculations of profitability of products or pension amounts provided in the Public Portal, are merely estimative, and the user is responsible for the accuracy of the data entered.

The requests that the user directs to Rentokea through a Public Portal or Private Portal, to contract the products offered there, do not imply approval of the same. Consequently, all offers are understood to be made under the condition that the applicant meets the requirements demanded by Rentokea to be previously evaluated, with the option of rejection or approval by Rentokea.

In case of discrepancies between the conditions of the offer of a product made in the Public Portal or Private Portal, by electronic means, and the written version of the same, the existence of a factual error will be presumed and the latter will prevail. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Rentokea reserves the right to make special offers through the Public Portal or Private Portal, in which case it will be expressly stated that the conditions offered therein will prevail.


The user acknowledges and agrees that:

(a) He/She assumes all risks related to, or arising from, his/her use, consultation or access to any of the websites provided by Rentokea. Each website is provided “as is” and “as available” without warranty of any kind;

(b) To the extent legal, Rentokea hereby expressly disclaims all warranties or liability, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to: implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular use, prohibition of improper use and those customary in commercial practice or in negotiations in this sector; and

(c) Although Rentokea has anti-virus systems and adopts security measures to protect the website and its content from all types of computer attacks in order to reduce the level of risk, Rentokea hereby expressly declines any warranty regarding:

(i) That the website and its content will always be free of errors or viruses or will never be attacked by third parties;

(ii) The uninterrupted and always secure operation of the website;

(iii) The permanent availability of the site; and

(iv) Whether or not the website meets the needs of the user.

Treatment of Personal Data and Sensitive Data

The personal data and sensitive data of the users that correspond to natural persons, provided with consent to Rentokea through any of the portals, will be treated in compliance with the provisions of Law 19.628 about the protection of private life and protection of personal data and its subsequent modifications.

Secure browsing

Every time that the operations require maintaining the privacy of the information that circulates between the user’s computer and the Rentokea Web server, the user’s authentication will be requested and a secure communication channel will be available through security certificates that will encrypt the communication, used by most companies that operate on the Internet.

This technology allows personal information, such as name, address, etc. be encrypted before it is transferred so that it cannot be read when it travels over the Internet.

All security certificates are created for a particular server, in a specific domain, and for a verified business entity.

Continuity Guarantee

Rentokea portals are available 7×24 hours a week. However, due to the characteristics of the technology used on the Internet, Rentokea cannot guarantee 100% service continuity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Rentokea will ensure the proper functioning of the portal and will use the appropriate backup and security systems.

The use of the information, services and the carrying out of transactions available on the portals by users will be made with the understanding that Rentokea reserves the right to terminate or change the accessibility characteristics of the portal unilaterally and at its discretion.


Rentokea may, at any time, update or completely modify the portal with the information available in it and the services it offers, together with the transactional functionalities that are available in the Public and Private Portal and other conditions also described in this Usage and Privacy Policy.

Use of information, goods or services

Users must use the Portals and the services offered in them in accordance with this Usage and Privacy Policy, and with full respect for the law, public order and good customs.

This portal and the information it contains are protected by Law No. 17.336 about Intellectual Property, so when they are used by a user for a purpose other than that contemplated in the portal, the source of the information must be indicated, unless expressly reproduction is prohibited.

Use of Cookies

Rentokea uses “cookie” technology when a user browses its sites and Web pages. The use of “cookies” is only for administrative purposes, such as recognizing users who have already selected their default portal and preventing them from having to make that selection again; to diagnose problems between servers; to identify electronic operations or store preferences for certain types of information.

Safety recommendations for the user

For your own safety, consider the following tips:

  • Take care of the privacy of your secret password, for no reason should you share it with third parties.
  • Use different secret codes for access to your services that require it. In particular, use a different password than the one on your cards.
  • Use non-trivial or hard-to-guess secret codes.
  • Avoid the use of “obvious” passwords such as digits of your RUT, years of birth or easy-to-reproduce sequences such as 123456, qwerty, etc.
  • Avoid accessing sites through hyperlinks from untrusted sources.
  • Memorize your secret password, do not carry with you notes in which it appears.

Legislation and Jurisdiction

Any conflict that is generated due to the use of the information, the services or the performance of operations available by the user, will be resolved in accordance with the current and applicable legislation in Chile and by the Chilean courts.